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Granite Cocks, Champagne and Bacon

Meditations on Moloch is a Long-form musing I found alternately infuriating and fascinating, but utterly enjoyable. Updating the ancient personification of abstract concepts into deities is fun: if Ares was War, and Mammon Commerce, then it’s not too far a … Continue reading

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Thunderstruck — Tractors & Anvils Version

h/t: Drang. From Sweden. Crank your bass — these guys sound awesome.

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What are they afraid of?

When you have an idea but are in a country that has no intellectual or property freedom, where do you go? Beijing, Bangalore, Singapore and Shenzen are vying to become the world’s next Silicon Valley, yet the place to find … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/05/14

Since I’ve been using my phone to read the intarwebz lately, and my phone crashed, losing all my links (because I can never remember to use the restart function in reasonable durations), this and the post above is all I … Continue reading

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