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Saving Western Civilization, One Mind at a Time

I’ve mentioned my high-school choir teacher David Pool once or twice before; a Juilliard grad, he was known for taking insecure nerds, geeks and social outcasts and turning them into self-confident young men and women, starting by treating us first … Continue reading

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7mm Dakota Specialty Pistol Article [Images restored March 2021!]

Who can argue with a 600-plus-yard pistol for elk? (And yes, I know about Elmer Keith and his .44 Magnum as a long-range elk gun. You and I are not Elmer Keith, and this is not about that.) Ages ago … Continue reading

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Accelerate and Disobey

Spivonomist had a favorite EP from the ’80s he’d lost, but he found the track after 18 years of trying to remember the band. There’s got to be a German portmanteau word for the specific feeling of satisfaction in such … Continue reading

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Roman Dodecahedron

One of these and some cordage would be a bloody useful piece of kit for the pocket or backpack. For the last 20 years I’ve kept a pair of cheap Wal-Mart glove liners (usually seasonal items, about a buck a … Continue reading

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