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Ray Carter

I didn’t know Ray well. Heck, I’d only met him a handful of times. But he was a good guy. I first met him during the fight to keep the city government of Seattle from banning concealed carry on city … Continue reading

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Do you have cable?

I’m sure the ropes will be plenty strong enough for you. I’m planning on building a new porch for the hizzie in the not too distant future. Our current one is as old as the house and leans. I’m not … Continue reading

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Hulked Out

So, I think I’ve finally figured out why I’ve been absent of late. It took Kevin Baker’s “Last Uberpost” for me to figure it out. But first, a little side step: Near the end of the Avenger’s movie, Bruce Banner … Continue reading

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There Goes My Bank Account

…seen on Facebook: “Find out the Snap-On part number for what you want. Go to amazon and paste in the part number with “Williams”. You’re welcome.” This is not what to say to a completist. Snap-On’s outrageous (yet understandable) pricing … Continue reading

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(Almost) Internet Famous

So you all might remember a couple summers ago when I was building table out of car part odds & ends & tools & such. Well, it seems someone liked them so much they decided to try and claim credit … Continue reading

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Never another happy day

I recently went to hang out with my sister for an afternoon. During this time we got to chatting and somehow fell upon the topic of Star Wars. She’s an enthusiastic nerd about these films, so we probably got there … Continue reading

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