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The largest labor union in the United States of America, the National Education Association, has officially passed a milestone: Normalizing Socialism. Little noticed by most Americans, Merriam Webster, one of the world’s most important dictionaries, announced a few months ago … Continue reading

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Not quite Old Yeller time. But…

I’ll never understand why Duane “Dog” Chapman has been able to pull down the TV ratings he has for the past decade or so. I don’t know anyone who watches his shows and I cannot fathom how said shows can … Continue reading

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If you can’t fix it

Change the numbers When inflation started to creep up, the administration “revised” how inflation was calculated. They can’t bring the numbers up in the economy, so they’re going to “revise” those as well. Data shift to lift US economy by … Continue reading

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By any other name

What would you call it when someone boards a ship in international waters and presents a list of demands to the captain? Six activists from Greenpeace have boarded a coal ship leaving Australian waters in a direct action aimed at … Continue reading

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It really does add up

It is sad BECAUSE it is true It is one of the oddest spending habits in Washington: This year, the government will spend at least $890,000 on service fees for bank accounts that are empty. At last count, Uncle Sam … Continue reading

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Good Things

Consumed this weekend, with appreciation that they exist to be consumed: The Defense of Disr-al-Joreaa. Website here. The Defense of Duffer’s Drift gets you started. A Single Shot. When Daniel Woodrell calls the author a twisted motherfucker, he’s not kidding. … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Tom Knapp

Sad news. The man was an awesome human being. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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Heller, Sniper Rifles, and a Surprising Number of Women in the Basement of Congress

Kewl. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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It’s Been A Week

The kind of week that time in the parlor with the wife, Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in our ears, a glass of Highland Park 18-year-old in one hand, Roosevelt’s African Game Trails in the other, and clouds from a Prensado Maduro … Continue reading

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Somali Pirates, Solved

“So far, not a single ship with armed guards has been taken by pirates….” It used to be that Lloyd’s and the other insurance carriers thought there was more liability from having those icky firearms on board a ship than … Continue reading

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