The largest labor union in the United States of America, the National Education Association, has officially passed a milestone: Normalizing Socialism.

Little noticed by most Americans, Merriam Webster, one of the world’s most important dictionaries, announced a few months ago that the two most looked-up words in 2012 were “socialism” and “capitalism.”
A dictionary open on a library desk

Merriam-Webster’s records are just the beginning of a growing fascination with socialism and alternatives to capitalism.

Traffic for the pair on the company’s website roughly doubled from the year before. The choice was a “kind of no-brainer,” observed editor at large, Peter Sokolowski. “They’re words that sort of encapsulate the zeitgeist.”

Leading polling organizations have found converging results among younger Americans. Two recent Rasmussen surveys, for instance, discovered that Americans younger than 30 are almost equally divided as to whether capitalism or socialism is preferable. Another Pew survey found those aged 18 to 29 have a more favorable reaction to the term “socialism” by a margin of 49 to 43 percent.

Note carefully: These are the people who will inevitably be creating the next American politics and the next American system.

The link goes to a leftist blog, but do not let that fact deter you from RTWT. In fact, it should do just the opposite.

We can still counter this move (they have not yet pinned us in checkmate status), but the only way will be through educating ourselves and then others.

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  2. Rivrdog says:

    Neither “ism” is in our Constitution, which gives loose perameters which could fit either “ism”.

    What we HAVE to insist on is that right to choose, but what we have now is Socialism forcing out Capitalism, and that’s wrong, and must be stopped.

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