Not quite Old Yeller time. But…

I’ll never understand why Duane “Dog” Chapman has been able to pull down the TV ratings he has for the past decade or so. I don’t know anyone who watches his shows and I cannot fathom how said shows can be seen as entertainment. But that is no skin off my nose. I can work the remote just fine.

His newest show is on the CMT network. For those with only a vague idea of modern cable television, CMT stands for Country Music Television. As I understand it, CMT is not exactly popular in any of the major population centers on either of the coasts. It is more of a middle of the US type of vibe.

Which causes me to wonder why “Dog” Chapman went to the Huffington Post last week to argue for, well, something. Maybe it is more gun control or maybe it is bullet control, I am not sure. But I seriously doubt that his likely audience demographic would be very pleased to be forced by their government to make concessions to his morality.

Today we have developed automatic and all kinds of crazy guns that our forefathers, if they were still alive, would not be okay with. Personally, I prefer to use non-lethal weapons. A gun is fine, but let’s talk about the bullet.

What actually kills? Is it the person? Is it the gun? No, it’s the bullet. Today, it doesn’t have to be lead. It can be a chemical. It can be a projectile with pepper inside. You may be familiar, but salt is a common tool used to shoot and scare animals. We can drop an elephant with one shot from a dart gun — drop an elephant to his knees!

Given that knowledge, America needs to start getting away from the traditional bullet. No doubt about it, no questions asked — you get shot with a bullet, you’re dead. Dead is forever, gone. So let me be clear: I am all for protecting my family, myself — I want my mother to protect herself, but I’d rather America develop a non-lethal way to do it.


With as far as we’ve come in America, the gun laws we enforce bring us back to the Wild West. If you’re not a hunter, there is no need to have bullets within city limits. There are options from the manufacturers to drop a man that comes within 35-40 ft., even if he has bullets, you will take him down. Some might say using a non-lethal weapon is like “like taking a knife to a gun fight,” but even if you have gun vs. gun, the winner is the guy who draws first. The more aggressive guy, real or non-lethal weapons, if you draw first, you stay alive — bottom line.

Not quite sure what he’s thinking. But I’ll keep my firearms and their “bullets”, “Dog”. You stick to your style. I’ll stick to mine.

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5 Responses to Not quite Old Yeller time. But…

  1. Titan Mk6B says:

    Sometimes, the only way to stop the bad guy is to have all their blood leak out. Only way I know how to do that is with a (lethal) bullet.

  2. Rolf says:

    Whenever someone says they want their phasers they can set on STUN, I just point out that I’m sure a LOT of guys could have fun with those at parties, if the hot chicks are not drinking enough. And it would make robbery REAL easy – stun them, take their stuff (and maybe burgle their house while they are still stunned), and no worries about a murder charge.
    Yeah, that’d be a GREAT improvement. /sarc

  3. emdfl says:

    Sounds to me as if the ol’ Dog is suffering from the sudden realization of personal mortality. Which means that he’s finally figured out that one of these days one of his bail jumpers is going to take him and most of his crew out.

  4. Chris Byrne says:

    Actually, it’s even more hypocritical than that..

    Dog doesn’t PREFER non-lethal weapons… he’s legally prevented from using anything else (and in many states, even those), because he’s a convicted felon.

    Better… a convicted murderer (though not the shooter. He was charged in a felony murder case, as the driver of the getaway vehicle after a drug deal gone bad).

    Now, this was 37 years ago, and by all accounts Chapman has completely turned his life around, so I question the value to society of denying this man the rights allowed other citizens (as with Danny Trejo)… but it’s important to have context.

  5. Rivrdog says:

    Not so sure he has made those amends, Chris. Wasn’t there a spot of trouble down in Mexico a couple years back? Chapman slithered out of that one, and in Mexico, you don’t do that without juice. The juice down there is ALL cartel juice these days. He owes someone there, big time. Eventually, he’ll have to pay that debt, or maybe he already did, but in any case, he can’t show it on his business taxes, can he?

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