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Damned if you do

Damned if you don’t

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Interesting Questions

About the source(s) of our obligations

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No wonder the good cops don’t expose the bad ones

They get destroyed when they do. The whole department leadership should be fired and stripped of any right to work in law enforcement again.

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Childhood Epiphany

Breda’s post reminded me that I was all of five years old when I had my first epiphany, though I didn’t learn the word until encountering James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in my teens. The … Continue reading

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This is 10 kinds of awesome

Seriously, so bad it’s good!  MST3K kind of good.  Larry Correia would love it kind of good.

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They will deny it

But the City of Seattle hates cars and their owners. Sound Politics has the links to prove it.

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Mister, you messed with the wrong nerds

/b/tards are GO! Earlier this week, anti-piracy lawyers ACS:Law had their website taken down by a 4chan DDoS attack. Adding insult to injury, owner Andrew Crossley was harassed at home in the middle of the night by prank phone calls. … Continue reading

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A United Nations of FDR’s

Hopefully you heard this news yesterday… European Central Banks Halt Gold Sales Europe’s central banks have all but halted sales of their gold reserves, ending a run of large disposals each year for more than a decade. The central banks … Continue reading

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At least they’re honoring some of their heroes

Eileene Nearne lived in anonymity for longer than it takes an American to hit the Dole-Age. Yet she did more during WWII to protect the safety of Allied troops than anyone could have imagined. Eileen Nearne, 89, who died in … Continue reading

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Losing the Progressives

Obama has

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