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Quote of the Day: Charles Haywood, December 7, 2017

Afghanistan is not worth the bones of single Nebraskan private.  We should let the Afghans rot.  My guess is that most Afghans want today what they wanted in 330 B.C., when Alexander the Great rolled through.  They want to be … Continue reading

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Swift silent deadly: Long-Term Storage of Eggs

Tam over at View from the Porch points out Swift Silent Deadly, a blog I’d not seen before, one with what looks like a rich trove of archived posts on topics of interest! A quick glance, just scratching the surface, … Continue reading

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Friday Fiction: Conan in the Crusades

Over the past year I’ve become more and more intrigued by The Worthy House, Charles Haywood’s book review site — which is far more than that; it’s one man’s very purposeful exploration of political philosophy to develop an admittedly reactionary … Continue reading

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Saint Benitez, Watch Over Us

“Saint” Roger Benitez, senior U.S. District Judge for the U.S. District of Southern California, to be precise. The man is truly a Godsend.

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Living in the Green Country

My maternal grandfather was an Arkie — like the Okies from Grapes of Wrath, but he and his wife moved to California from Arkansas in the 1930s. As a kid I was always puzzled by Grandpa’s tendency to use “country” … Continue reading

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Feelings of a Republican on the Fall of Bonaparte

One of the Things I Did During COVID Lockdown was resolve to read a poem every night, generally whilst sipping something with a decently high proof. (See also here.) So I moved my meagre collection of poetry volumes to a … Continue reading

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Drop-In T-Track Channel Covers

Seen at Traction Control blog. Very cool. Saving this for when I get around to redoing the workbenches. Info on how to get yours here:

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Orville Bierkle’s Revolver, 70th Anniversary

The 70th anniversary of the Chosin Reservoir battle happened last year, so I did a daily post of Sergeant Orville Bierkle’s war diary entries — with illustrative links — in the seminal thread to commemorate it. Entries span from … Continue reading

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…Aaaaand we’re back!

It’s been more than two years since the last post, but it’s time to dust off the ol’ keyboard and get back to it. The ease of posting on Facebook and Twitter sapped the gunblogosphere of its vitality, but I … Continue reading

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Currently puffing a celebratory Undercrown Maduro and sipping some of my precious stash of Elmer T. Lee. It’s been 25 years since I saw the lonely flyer tacked up in a back hallway of UC Davis Law School, plaintively calling … Continue reading

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