…Aaaaand we’re back!

Vertically stretched to hide COVID shelter-in-place bellyfat.

It’s been more than two years since the last post, but it’s time to dust off the ol’ keyboard and get back to it. The ease of posting on Facebook and Twitter sapped the gunblogosphere of its vitality, but I think we’ve all learned our lessons about that as of 2021, yes?

I’m still here in California, having successfully exited my fun but stressful career as consigliere to a couple of freewheeling entrepreneurs for a much less exciting, yet still fun, position in legal academia — one with the rare defined-benefit pension plan. Phil may pop in to tell of his adventures, but suffice it to say he’s doing quite well. Dave from Michigan’s still the only one of us, I believe, who’s actually competed in the Precision Rifle Series, and I hope he’ll chime in as well. Many, many thanks to big B for getting us back online safe and sound.

(Yes, the header image has the old site address. Yes, I’m working on fixing that. Be patient, true believers!)

Still lots of updating and link-fixing to do, but it’s good to be back.

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