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It has begun

Our government has finally completed the first outright assassination of a US Citizen without any due process. I’m not suggesting that al-Awlaki was not a bad guy who deserved to die, but he was a US Citizen, born here in … Continue reading

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I’ve been enjoying the great John Buchan’s Huntingtower on Kindle (goes great with a sip of The Singleton of an evening), and in addition to the typical early-20th-century thriller plot points (Bolsheviks! Romanovs!) and the usual Buchanisms (Scottish countryside alternately … Continue reading

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Do you know this man?

If so, drop me an email.

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Prairie Gold Foods

I am almost ashamed to admit this as a prepper, but I fell for the Prairie Gold Foods “drive-by-steak scam.” It was back a month or so ago when the markets one Friday evening really looked like the following Monday … Continue reading

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Early Soundboard: What We’re Listening To Edition

Kim Sozzi’s Little Bird: Alexandra Stan’s ridiculously catchy Mr. Saxobeat: Medina’s Addiction: Daniela’s You & I: And oh, hell, some Rick Perry mangling the English language. You’re welcome!

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RNS Quote of the Day, 09/27/11

What this means is right now, based on the data of a respected Democratic pollster, Democrats would — if the election were held today — suffer a wipeout that makes what happened to them in 2010 look like a walk … Continue reading

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Futbol Americano

It’s an interesting finish to my wife’s birthday weekend as we watch my Steelers vs. my wife’s Colts after seeing an amazing production of Gounod’s Romeo et Juliette earlier this afternoon. But anybody else find this NBC Futbol Americano banner … Continue reading

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My Nephew Beat the World Bantamweight MMA Champion Last Night

Just received word that my nephew-in-law, the mighty Antonio Banuelos, won a close victory over Hideko Tokoro, the Japanese World Bantamweight mixed martial-arts champion. John Hackleman product and best friend of Chuck Liddell, Antonio Banuelos, sought to get his fighting … Continue reading

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It’s Free

Jim Hoft won’t post this due to explicit language. I have no such reservations. I think Wolf‘s co-worker will like this song alot.

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For my Wife

I’m using this experience atop SF not merely to identify interesting locales to hole up in The City in the event of disaster, but also to spot fascinating places to sate my birds’-eye curiosity by visiting with my wife! Note … Continue reading

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