My Nephew Beat the World Bantamweight MMA Champion Last Night

Just received word that my nephew-in-law, the mighty Antonio Banuelos, won a close victory over Hideko Tokoro, the Japanese World Bantamweight mixed martial-arts champion.

John Hackleman product and best friend of Chuck Liddell, Antonio Banuelos, sought to get his fighting career back on track in a very difficult match against top bantamweight Hideo Tokoro.

The fight hardly could have been any closer. Both fighters had their moments, heading into the third round, which proved to be where Banuelos was able to set himself apart.

Again, it was a story of takedowns and an inability to defend them. Banuelos used his wrestling to control his opponent in the final round and win a very close split decision.

Congratulations Antonio! Below is the pre-fight hype video. It’s in the vein of pre-fight hype videos, but there you are.

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