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Just Bought Our Tickets for Atlas Shrugged

April 15th, the wife and I will be at the 4:30 showing at the Hacienda Crossings theater in Dublin, California. Check the state listings and get your tickets now!

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Maybe We Should Be Like Chile

I’m intrigued by this: Next, economist Jose Pinera, Chile’s Labor and Social Security Minister, privatized social security. The plan … let workers choose between personal retirement accounts or the bankrupt state-run pension system. Workers could keep their own money, invest … Continue reading

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Shadow Nation and Empires

From the comments to this post: Don Rodrigo: it’s looking more and more like us originalist Americans will have to find a way to form a viable shadow nation as have the illegal immigrants. If they can defy the real … Continue reading

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Ah, the Birdies of Spring! Tasty….

In our back yard this fine evening, I saw the little birdies playing and basking in the sun, merrily singing and eating the seed my wife set out for them, and my thoughts ever-so briefly turned to… Recipes for a … Continue reading

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Like I’ve said before

If you’re not watching this show, you’re missing out on some good stuff Watch the latest video at

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Police Officers are Human too!

So says the families of Seattle Police Officers. And they are right, police are human, they make mistakes, they have lapses in judgment, they are not perfect. And like the rest of us imperfect beings, when they do something that … Continue reading

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Rawles Pulls the Trigger

Jim Rawles says you should start to Get Out Of Dodge, NOW. Go read; I’ll wait. Back yet? Now, I didn’t find his post to be particularly alarming. Some commenters on other sites seem to be miscategorizing his post as … Continue reading

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I’ll Take My Pay in California Gold Bruins, Please

Verrry interesting. Emphasis mine: But we know from Mrs. Kelo’s case that this needn’t be the end of things. People began to see the logic and think about property rights, and now at least 43 states have passed laws to … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 03/28/11

An interesting way of looking at things. Liberal democracy is not about “paying a fair share” based on the exigencies of the moment and the vagaries of public opinion. If it were, Parliament would be little more than a trading … Continue reading

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And I Ran. I Ran So Far Away!

I’m sorry about that. I meant “Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Libya and Iran” Wonder why the administration made such a stink of reducing the US airborne presence around Libya, and handing it off to France, Italy, Canada and Turkey? Here’s … Continue reading

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