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RNS Quote of the Day: 3/31/07

The late Don Thompson always had a way with words: Some people will whine over anything: Dave Barry recently wrote a hilarious column about men who lament that they were subjected to an operation immediately after they were born. There … Continue reading

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Run, Don’t Walk

Out of the UK. I don’t know if I have any UK readers stopping by, but if I do, would you please follow the above advice? I ask because you are living in as damn near a police state as … Continue reading

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Socialism Causes Global Warming!

What other excuse caould account for the melting ice caps in the North Atlantic, heat waves in Western Europe and China; all the while the Pacific Ice is melting much slower and the Antarctic is actually getting thicker? This has … Continue reading

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Fun With Google Maps

Yansa tries to find out where the Internet might be. I’ve never met this fellow Yansa, but I ran across his website many years back when I was feeling homesick for Oregon. He has some nice pictures here of various … Continue reading

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The Noisemaker

In the town where Admiral Ahab resides, one of his townfolk was arrested for, well, just as Ahab wrote, Defending his Property. Go read the story over at What Would John Wayne Do? and help spread the word of how … Continue reading

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They’re not on the other side

They are actually fighting with the enemy From Powerline Blog Earlier today, Congressman Eric Cantor wrote the following letter to Pelosi: Dear Madam Speaker:Fifteen kidnapped British marines and sailors recently became the latest victims of a systematic Iranian campaign of … Continue reading

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Not-So-Mystery Machine

Seeing as how I grabbed the non-photoshopped pic of the “Mystery Machine” (the one with the placard that said exactly what it was showing plainly), I’ll just release the final pic of the prototype Dodge Charger. For those just joining … Continue reading

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Not today

No QotD today, instead I’m going to partially explain my abusing of the 5.56 cartridge during the earlier part of the week. I say only “partially” because something new has developed and the original├é┬áplan has changed into something bigger and … Continue reading

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Life moves pretty fast: Updated

When you’re trying to make it slow down. Some folks may have noticed that I’m not my normal, everyday, chipper self as of late. The cussin’ has gotten to a point where it is starting to elicit emails, so I … Continue reading

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Betcha Won’t Hear About This in the News

Just another reason why TSA shouldn’t be unionized. This morning, my brother, a doctor, drove from his home near Lake Tahoe to the Sacramento airport to catch a commuter flight to San Francisco Airport, where he had another flight to … Continue reading

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