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Icy Finger of Death

Glad I’m not a starfish living in Antarctica  .  .  .  .  beware the Brinicle

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Rust Removal

I accidentally left some of Mom’s tools on the side of the house this winter. Now that it’s sunny she’s gonna start gardening and want ’em back. Oops: Quick rust removal tool: Growing up in Oregon, we’d have left it … Continue reading

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Lights Weekend

I’m thoroughly enjoying Lights, a new-to-me artist. The post-apocalyptic look of “Banner” has nothing to do with it. I’m cranking the tunes this weekend while cleaning the house. Turn your bass to eleven and enjoy! Obligatory dubstep. But it’s good … Continue reading

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Memories are not formed and then pristinely maintained, as neuroscientists thought; they are formed and then rebuilt every time they’re accessed. Every time we recall a memory, we’re recreating it on the spot, changing it. h/t: Ry.

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Subconsciously Hoping To Fail?

I mean, really, what is wrong with me? When we last left my PoliSci 202 course, I had gotten into it over Affirmative Action and the use of agitprop in the class with the professor and then was popped by … Continue reading

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Chevy Volt Gun Rack

Heh. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Pain in my axle

Alternate title: Why Les Schwab is the best. This is the ongoing saga of upgrading the axles on Buddy the Jeep so that they’ll take more abuse/last longer than the factory items. A couple weeks ago, while Buddy was having … Continue reading

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Deja Vue

I’m watching SNL from 1990, & the Weekend Updates sound remarkably like the news today (just with smaller dollar amounts).  

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Why I’m Still in Cali

Wild boar and elk sausage, grilled over an open fire at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz last Sunday. There is a cool lighthouse barely visible in the top center of the above pic. It was my daughter’s birthday celebration, which … Continue reading

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What’s Really Happening In The Consumer Economy

It’s dying. I’ve been mostly absent from RNS for the last several months as I worked on a multistate* deal for my employers to purchase a decent-sized package of national-brand fast-food restaurant franchises, a deal that fell through this week … Continue reading

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