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This Scout is Blegging for Optics

This poor fellow is in need of some target acquisition assistance. What d’yall think is a good choice?

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You Know We’re Goin’ to Surf City, Gonna Have Some Fun . . .


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RNS Quote of the Day – 04/09/2015

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A Few Days in The Sandhills of Nebraska

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Tease . . . .

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Diamond in the Rough

Every day we are bombarded with negative news and stuff that annoys us and gets the ole pressure up toward the redline. We watch videos with horrified indignation as shithead islamists burn prisoners, behead innocents, blow up kids and commit … Continue reading

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Boomershoot Buggy or All My Friends Have Diesels . . . Maybe I Should Too

I’d love to take this through downtown Ann Arbor and watch the all the Prius’s (Pria?) and Subies run for their lives. (this sentiment was shamelessly shanghai’d from a comment in the linked article and relocated geographically to Michigan) I … Continue reading

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According to the Coast Guard, Spring Has Sprung

Well, this is good news . . .

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“I’ll take Really Old Shit for $400, Alex”

This was manufactured in Plymouth, Michigan  [cue Jeopardy countdown music] Maybe this will help  . . . . OK, I’ll make it easy . . . . It is a double barrel BB gun from who the hell knows when. … Continue reading

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“This Bag Is Not A Toy ” . . . . Wanna Bet!


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