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An Interesting Twist in Self-Defense Law

Via Volokh: Seems that in CA (& Idaho?) if you kill a person in self defense and you also happen to want the person dead for other reasons, you can lose the affirmative defense. The take away, for those in … Continue reading

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In other welding news….

Inert gas welding might be getting very interesting in the near future. The EPA jumps the shark, banning – Argon Its hard to imagine a more inoffensive substance than Argon. As a noble gas, Argon is chemically inert – it … Continue reading

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More Results

Victory is mine! Boom! Apparently, it pays to weld angry. That is what a successful Direct Overhead weld bend test looks like when you’re done. As the root bend coupon was being pushed through, my instructor was looking at it … Continue reading

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The Results Are In

When we last left my certification test plate, it was sitting on my instructor’s desk, awaiting its destruction. It was going to be cut into 5 pieces: The two ends with the strongbacks on them were to be cut off … Continue reading

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They’ve fallen off the message bandwagon

And can’t get up. Thankfully (for the Obama Administration), the media is there to pick them up and carry them off the side of the road where they’ll be promptly ignored. CDC admitted disease imported as states data reveals illegal … Continue reading

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Test One: Complete

Yay! My most substantive post in days (maybe weeks)! Before we get started, let me put a couple items out for the general information of the non-welders out there, which will likely be most of y’all: First, I have to … Continue reading

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Testing. Testing.

Today is Day 1 of my GTAW 3G (TIG Heavy Plate Vertical) Certification Test. I should be able to remember to get pics of the proceedings for tomorrow. I won’t know the results until mid-day Monday though, because the plate … Continue reading

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Never Let It Be Said

That a leftist will be honest with you. For weeks, a large portion of the nation was demanding that every ounce of information in the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO be released because they believed it would make … Continue reading

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Demystifying the Talisman

As Joe has said repeatedly, anti-gun folks should seek out a therapist for their condition Guns in senior portraits OK if done tastefully, Nebraska school board says You’ve seen those senior class photos of kids posing with footballs and musical … Continue reading

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Popcorn Time

I’ll be watching the leftist apologists for radical Islam trying to reason out how to be angry at America AND at ISIS now that the Islamic State has decided that slavery is something they’re totally down with. Nothing so far … Continue reading

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