Never Let It Be Said

That a leftist will be honest with you.

For weeks, a large portion of the nation was demanding that every ounce of information in the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO be released because they believed it would make the Brown look like a victim and Officer Wilson look like a murderer.

Now, information is coming out from the grand jury testimony, and it doesn’t look good for their worldview. So they are demanding to know who is behind the release of the information and that they be silenced and prosecuted.

The left is never satisfied with the results of their own demands. That is why calling them “progressives” is accurate. They progressively ask for more and more, but are never satisfied and, not learning from their earlier mistakes, they demand more of what didn’t make them happy at the outset.

Worse yet, they demand that you live with what doesn’t make them happy.

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