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Found It

I haven’t bought a new firearm in a while. Like since before I got laid off in August 2013. Add to this that I’ve been looking for a compact/subcompact 9mm pistol to supplement the carry arsenal. For the longest time … Continue reading

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My goodness

My wife think this is “sooooo adorable!” She’s usually right about those things.

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Pre-Thanksgiving Entertainment

I don’t know about you, but similar to Playboy and articles, I read Slate Star Codex for the puns. And other humor, like amusing metaphors: “Like the ski resort of young girls looking for husbands and husbands looking for young … Continue reading

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Works for me

What a novel idea House Republicans introduced a bill earlier this week that would require the Transportation Security Administration to accept certain gun carry permits as valid forms of identification. The Nondiscriminatory Transportation Screening Act, introduced by Reps. Diane Black … Continue reading

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Two Standards

Are better than one. According to leftists. Iowa’s Rep. Steve King (R) compared Syrian refugees to grapes the other day “My wife said this morning, ‘If you had 100 grapes and you knew that two of them were fatally poisonous, … Continue reading

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Polymer Casings

I’ve seen blackpowder guys do similar things with the old 310 tool on the firing line, but this is pretty slick for smokeless through a 9mm. Did not know about this polymer casing business. Check out the video. In other … Continue reading

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Our Domesticated Brains

Human brains have been shrinking for a long time now. While there are the (uplifting) efficiency and (depressing) Idiocracy explanations, each of which have their own merits, domesticated shrinkage is compelling: “In essence, we domesticated ourselves, according to Richard Wrangham, … Continue reading

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That nefarious scheme to nail down all those layabouts as solid Dem voters appears to be in trouble: give ’em bread and circuses, and they don’t vote.

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RNS Quote of the Week

It seem, if you listen to the leftists, giving ISIS what they want, which is a war, means they’re winning. Easy way to fix that. Give them enough of it they can’t win. The generals who won World War II … Continue reading

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How’s that Green Agenda working for you Brits?

Not very well, it seems British grid operator National Grid made history this week when it was forced to ask some of its largest electricity consumers to decrease their usage to help cope with a spate of power outages. ….. … Continue reading

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