How’s that Green Agenda working for you Brits?

Not very well, it seems

British grid operator National Grid made history this week when it was forced to ask some of its largest electricity consumers to decrease their usage to help cope with a spate of power outages.


This is the sort of problem that will naturally arise in any country that tries to rush through a transition towards cleaner, greener energy sources. In the case of the UK, the shuttering of coal-fired power plants, a dirty but consistent source of baseload power, has decreased the country’s generating capacity enough that unforeseen outages can have wide-reaching, destabilizing effects on the grid.

Guess who has a year or so left in office and wants you to enjoy this style of happiness.

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One Response to How’s that Green Agenda working for you Brits?

  1. Sulaco says:

    Well that and “global warming” keeps dropping the white stuff on the country along with record cold….

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