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Josh’s is here. Uncle’s here. After dining out on sugar-rubbed ribs, I finished celebrating on my back patio. Unlike others’ cigars, I had a churchwarden filled with Amphora tobacco, accompanied by a nice glass of smooooth single-malt Scotch. The Macallan … Continue reading

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Goin’ to Olympus

…to see the Second Amendment Scholarship Gods, Kates and Halbrook. Wednesday night at the Independent Institute near the Oakland Airport.  Fifteen bucks! That’s value right there.

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Nope. No reason to need a gun in a national park

None at all. A teenage girl riding in an all-night bicycle race suffered severe injuries early Sunday when a bear attacked her on a trail in Far North Bicentennial Park, authorities said. Police officers with shotguns escorted medics into dark … Continue reading

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The most ignorant thing I’ve read all day

Yes, even worse than the topic of the post right below this one. Jerry Large, Seattle Times Staff Columnist,  opines that the Heller decision came about because five of the Justices think all Americans are John Wayne and that the … Continue reading

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They want Remington to execute criminals?

I’m a bit confused by this piece in the LA Times. Written by UC Berkeley Professor of Law, Stephen D. Sugarman, and Columbia University Professor of Law and Public Health, Jeffery Fagan, they propose a twist to blaming all firearms … Continue reading

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One of the most pressing legal issues of our time

Yes, Heller. Though not in this post. If you don’t recognize the name Srebrencia, then click this link and read about how Dutch troops wearing “UN Blue” were made to wait idly by because of United Nations incompetence while a … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/30/08

In connection to David’s Sunday post on the plaintiff in the new pro-civil rights case filed in San Francisco, John Aravosis, Asshat in Charge at the ill-named hyper-leftwing AmericaBlog, read a pro-Heller news release from the Log Cabin Republicans and … Continue reading

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Heller T-Shirts

Squeaky found Heller Kitty shirts.  You can buy them here.  There’s also commemorative Heller apparel at CafePress that benefits the Calguns Foundation and our forthcoming suit against the California “assault weapons” ban. order viagra international shipsbuy viagra next day deliveryorder … Continue reading

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San Francisco Gun Plaintiff is Gay

…and even more brilliant than choosing a gay plaintiff is choosing one who is anonymous because he fears retaliation. See what I meant about The Right People being able to craft GOOD lawsuits with GOOD plaintiffs for our cause? Lots … Continue reading

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Existingthing came up with a tattoo design for where your gun shoulders. “The Cask of Amontillado” being my favorite story of all time, I heartily endorse it.

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