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Back where I’m comfortable

The discharge paperwork finally went through last night and I slept in my own bed. I awoke to find my leg, ankle and foot back to normal size, but looking very sunburned. Apparently, I had a really bad case of … Continue reading

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Thoughts for the Day

Here are a couple to live by:

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I think I’m going to have to find a copy and read this: On the shelf of Hollis Mason — the original Nite Owl, turned car mechanic — are three books: his memoirs, Under the Hood; Automobile Maintenance; and Philip … Continue reading

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Mortality Stops By

It appears that I underestimated how badly off I was earlier this week. My left calf kept swelling up to the point where I couldn’t remove it from my workboot without severe difficulty at the end of the day on … Continue reading

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Still among the living

Sorry folks. I’m recovering from the worst flu virus I’ve seen in a decade. It started with chills and shivering so bad I injured my leg Thursday night. Then I slept for 35 of the 48 hours which encompass Friday … Continue reading

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Dissent is Patriotic

Or, it was. Nowadays, dissenters should STFU and sit down because “I Won.” Castro won too. Though, not lately. But the “I” believes that those dissenting people should STFU because he isn’t smart enough to understand how his statements support … Continue reading

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Lend-Lease for the 21st Century

How did this get past the Obama Pentagon? Suppose you have a brand-new aircraft carrier, but the jets that will operate from that ship won’t be available in sufficient quantities for another five years.  How do you utilize that platform … Continue reading

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Somebody wants to visit SCOTUS

Somebody in California wants to get a free trip to D.C.. State panel outlaws ‘dark money’ in California political campaigns The state’s campaign finance watchdog agency on Thursday adopted new requirements that nonprofit groups that contribute through a federal political … Continue reading

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Fire Update

Wilensky said that work done in the rugged Mokelumne River South Fork canyon terrain late Monday may have saved the towns of Wilseyville and West Point. “Air attack was spectacular between 5:30 and six last night,” Wilensky said during a … Continue reading

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I’m thinking about making something like this over the Winter, but maybe with belted magnum cases instead. Would anyone buy something like this?

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