Fire Update

Wilensky said that work done in the rugged Mokelumne River South Fork canyon terrain late Monday may have saved the towns of Wilseyville and West Point.
“Air attack was spectacular between 5:30 and six last night,” Wilensky said during a telephone interview early Tuesday afternoon.

Wilensky, a former firefighter, has for years been involved in the effort to secure grant funding to thin overgrown Bureau of Land Management lands near Glencoe. He said the fear is that if the fire once jumps to the north bank of the South Fork Mokleumne River, then it could travel up the Middle Fork Mokelumne River to the towns and it would be impossible to stop.
He described the work of the approximately 300 people cutting lines in the canyon as heroic.
“As volunteer firefighter, we were told to never get yourself in a box canyon in front of a fire. That is exactly where these guys are.”

Emphasis mine. Yeah, they are heroes to me. Our place is in that Middle Fork Canyon. Article here.

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