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Interesting Times

I would have never thought that the President and his sycophants would feel comfortable comparing the House of Representative to terrorists. After all The terrorists are his friends. Meanwhile, I’m all like

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Accidentally ordered a pair of these for an FAL instead of for an HK91. If you know anyone who would like them, I can make a deal. Update: SOLD

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True No Longer

…and we are the worse for it: It is somewhat difficult to find men in important Government positions who did not in their beginnings live by the work of their hands. Of those who sit at the Cabinet table of … Continue reading

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The Last of the Good Days

The good days before “the middle class” were taxed to pay for the healthcare insurance of the “poor”. Make no mistake, that is what is going on here. The left seems to think that “the rich” will be paying the … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies

Better late than never!

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Some people worry about the darndest things

Don’t worry folks. Those functions will not be part of any government shutdown initiated by the House of Representatives. A citizen initiated shutdown on the other hand…

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What are the odds?

It has been a source of amusement to me that among our clients is a powerful relative of a former head of Handgun Control, Inc.; today I noticed that we also briefly had a fairly famous female gunwriter from the … Continue reading

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Situation Update

Alternate title: I’m a hottie! Welding class is going swimmingly. An hour of class time in the morning and two and a half hours of welding. A break for lunch and then another hour of class time and then another … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mi Amor

It’s my wife’s birthday today, and we’re celebrating with a bottle of 2008 Gustavo Syrah, personally inscribed by Gustavo Brambila himself, and homemade enchiladas from our new, fully operational gas cooktop. Gustavo’s famed for his character in the movie Bottle … Continue reading

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You know what her excuse for this is Nancy Pelosi Confuses Constitution With Declaration of Independence Just like Obamacare,. she hasn’t read either of them. so she doesn’t’ know what is in them. Despite the reported location of the writer … Continue reading

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