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Sunday Funnies

I didn’t even bother with paying attention to the editorial panels this week. Instead, I’ll be dropping a couple quote panels from my Blogfodder folder I think most, if not all, will enjoy. The first fits in with a portion … Continue reading

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Political Label Scrabble

On Wednesday, Captain Capitalism had a bit of a rant about a recent political clique calling themselves “Libertarian Socialists”. Don’t think about that name too long or your brain will start to hurt. I noticed this new label being applied … Continue reading

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One of the things I’m thankful for

That I moved out of King County a few years back and no longer have to live under this kind of idiocy Not a single mention of Officer Wilson or his family and what they have gone through, are going … Continue reading

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No “Kumbaya”?

I saw fires on the news, so I guess that the no bill didn’t make certain folks happy. Watched the the press conference that the looters apparently couldn’t wait through and heard, quite specifically, that Brown’s body was between the … Continue reading

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Let me mansplain something to you

Yeah, I know it’s photoshopped. But I’m loving that for just one instant, every feminist who sees this gets pissed off. In addition

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

I mentioned that I’m currently going through TIG aluminum training at school, and a couple folks had some questions about it. So here are some answers. Aluminum is one of the easiest process to ruin. This is because aluminum melts … Continue reading

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That’s how they do it in Sea-Town Mayor Murray Pardons Tofurkey and Challenges City Council to Food Drive As absurd as “pardoning a turkey” is, at least a turkey is a living creature. Seattle’s head politician pardoned a blob of … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies

Three good ones. All the same topic. That last one was so “offensive” to some folks that the Indianapolis Star pulled it. Hit too close to the mark, in my opinion.

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Now that I’m done with that

Completed the retest on the Overhead (4G) test plate for Dual Shield FCAW certification. I had previously passed the Vertical (3G) test and not passed the overhead due to excessive porosity. Not a problem this time. We switched out from … Continue reading

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Protest for me, but not for thee

This was supposed to be a post last week, but life and stuff happened. The leftosphere is up in arms that us peons who lost an Initiative vote might engage in some of that old fashioned civil disobedience. Ammosexuals plan … Continue reading

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