Political Label Scrabble

On Wednesday, Captain Capitalism had a bit of a rant about a recent political clique calling themselves “Libertarian Socialists”. Don’t think about that name too long or your brain will start to hurt.

I noticed this new label being applied in the Spring of this year and swiftly turned away without saying anything, because four out of the five people I saw labeling themselves as such had previously labeled themselves as “Anarcho-Socialists”.

Notice the one similarity in those two phrases?

Essentially, they want to be more punk than the rest of the socialists, so they preface their socialistic tendencies with a modifier that will let them be different, just like everybody else.

I’ve been arguing with “anarcho-socialists” since before I started blogging here. Back when the only place I could argue with idiots was on the local IndyMedia dumpsters. It is my belief that they took on this new name when the term “anarchist” began to take on a negative connotation.

Once you break down their beliefs, it turns out that the “old group” and the “new group” want the same things: All the rights and none of the responsibilities of being an adult citizen of the United States. Just like children. Which was Captain Capitalism’s point.

They refuse to notice the giant hole in their philosophy that is; If they got the government they wanted, they still wouldn’t be allowed to sit on their ass all day surfing the internet because the political bosses they put in charge would have them rounded up and sent off to the camps for being unproductive members of the collective.

So instead, they sit on their asses all day living off the fruits of the labor of others bitching about how they are expected to work for living and how they got fired for not showing up for work while they were out at the Occupy rally, when, if they could live in their utopia, the government would pay them a monthly minimum salary so they could protest things the government does.

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  1. NotClauswitz says:

    If you mix ice-cream and dog poo you don’t get chocolate. The poo always wins-out, like Socialism in any degree or flavor of Socialist-Poo- it’s always the Poo.

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