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Sunday Funnies

So funny, your diagram won’t even work to sort this one out. Confused yet? Which is another reason why I think we should sit this one out. No matter who we “help” we’ll end up pissing off one or more … Continue reading

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Well, That’s Not a Very Good Milestone

It could, I suppose just mean that the War on Terror is going very well for us, but I don’t think that is what this signifies at all. Hat tip: Satyricon. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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Same Message

As before But these guys might actually put it on a shirt you can buy.

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Black Friday

So a bunch of Senate crap passed out of the California Assembly Appropriations committee, from whence it’s pretty much guaranteed to pass on the Assembly floor and head to Governor Brown’s desk sometime in October. While I’m not privy to … Continue reading

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Current events in captions

Sounds accurate to me. BTW, it was al Qaeda, not Assad. Per Israel. In case you hadn’t heard it via the MSM.

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Happy Dance

In vain I’ve looked for a streaming version of James Burke’s awesome Connections PBS series. Neither iTunes, nor Netflix, nor Amazon Prime had it. That’s because it’s free right here. I can’t wait to introduce these to the wife. And oh … Continue reading

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It’s Like the Obama Presidency

Wherein, you give them money and get nothing in return AND you are so excited about it that you give them your money again.* *despite the popular belief that he is randomly handing out cash to his voters, he has … Continue reading

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Sane People Understand and Know This Already

Instead, we get anti-civil rights group’s spokespeople and their helpers in the media attempting to change the dominant phrase from “gun control” to “gun safety”. Of course, neither of these phrases means what they say, as anyone with a mind … Continue reading

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Trigger Happy Much?

Blue on Blue action, baybay Two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies staying at separate sites on a Southern California campground were arrested after authorities said they pulled guns on each other and fired them into the air during a dispute … Continue reading

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Crunch Time in Cali

Billboards going up near Sacramento. Never thought I’d see this day, but this is what a modern civil rights campaign looks like — Twitter, Facebook, instant one-click email/fax/mail, alerts to swamp targeted legislators with phone calls, etc., etc. — fast, flexible, … Continue reading

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