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Today’s Peacock Wisdom

Ensure That You Don’t Fail to Masturbate Regularly. You Have Been Warned!

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Fact Checking

A reporter laments the death of journalistic fact checking. A blogger gives a perfect example of the same. It’s getting such that the accuracy of facts in the MSM is about as consistent as the facts on a conspiracy theory … Continue reading

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Keep it in the holster, buddy

It’s the best way to keep something from pulling that trigger for you PS, Blewett Pass, seriously?

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Yes, the guy deserves to be shot

No, I don’t want the executive branch to have the legal authority to do so prior to a finding of guilty in a court of law.

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Giving Gun Bigots Coronaries At Bus Stops All Over San Francisco

Kudos to the Second Amendment Foundation and CalGuns Foundation for this, especially since they did it after San Francisco unconstitutionally banned advertising from city buses and bus stops that “promotes the use of firearms.” I see a court challenge in … Continue reading

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One less cheerleader for the dear leader

A major Obama support turns on him. Read the linked NYT article & the linked letter as well.

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/31/10

You’ve heard the “water the tree of liberty” line? This is similar. Everyone has elites; The important thing is to change them from time to time. Joseph Alois Schumpeter Found via Tyler Durden’s post at Zero Hedge, “The Elites have … Continue reading

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A idea

Whose time has come!

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Duct tape works better

I’m not the most tolerant of individuals when it comes to children. I am of the mindset that “Silence is Golden. But Duct Tape is Silver.” But even I would never do this. Mostly because it is really only a … Continue reading

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Landblog Links

Interesting set of links. I like the DIY outdoor woodburning stove/grill/oven.

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