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Still Alive

Just barely. Between a late return from Boomershoot and an early start to work the next morning, and the morning after that, I haven’t even had a chance to unpack completely. Never mind about cleaning the rifles. I’ve already decided … Continue reading

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The Time of Gathering Draws Near

The RNS Blogging Crew is approaching assembly at their personal shrine to the Holy High-Speed Projectile. Dave is heading West, David is heading North and I am not going anywhere until Friday but am set for David’s arrival today and … Continue reading

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How Draining

We’re still working on the bumper rails for the Starbucks warehouse, and in fact will be working on them up through the first week or so of May, but last week the architect sent over another couple sets of plans … Continue reading

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Are you experienced?

Does anyone passing through here have any experience with the Upper Nisqually Sportsmen’s Club? Scott and I are looking for a club to join. I like the distance they have for the rifle range and their assortment of weekend matches, … Continue reading

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More Silver

Why yes, I did have naughty thoughts at work last week. All I could think of was threading and baffles and end caps, oh my.  

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First gold

Now silver. Still in “light duty mode” untill the 21st, but I made a rolling floor. Kind of….. That’s the better part of $10K in 2inch stainless steel schedule 40 tubing. The rest is either already fitted/welded or hasn’t been … Continue reading

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Greenmantle Lived!

Y’all may recall my liking of John Buchan’s early twentieth-century thrillers. One that’s a rollicking read but that I’d always thought more than a bit fanciful is Greenmantle, about a Muslim uprising in the Caucasus, instigated by the non-Muslim Germans, … Continue reading

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We’ll see how much they like it

When it gets applied to their SWATting friends. You’ll likely remember the case of John Crawford, the guy who was waving around a toy rifle at a Walmart and had a private individual call 911 saying this much, and when … Continue reading

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A Golden Opportunity

After damaging myself on Monday last week, I stayed home on Tuesday to let the damage settle itself and went back to work on Wednesday. To find a project someone else had started, gotten frustrated with, and set aside. We … Continue reading

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Maximum DIY

Do you got the mad Do It Yourself skills? Want to build a house for you and your family, but that sounds like a bit much to tackle? Start here: Build Your Own Teardrop Trailer Dave the RNS Photographer bought … Continue reading

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