First gold

Now silver.

Still in “light duty mode” untill the 21st, but I made a rolling floor. Kind of…..


That’s the better part of $10K in 2inch stainless steel schedule 40 tubing. The rest is either already fitted/welded or hasn’t been cut yet.

There are 120 assemblies requiring 175 cuts on a bandsaw, not including the 476 12 inch legs made of 1-1/4in stainless steel tubing, and some 225 stainless end caps, that need to be welded on, all so that the new Starbucks warehouse can have bumpers to try and keep the forklift drivers from hitting the walls.

I’m not the one who is scheduled to weld the assemblies together, which would make me unhappy except I have been told that the paint crew will be taking their sanders to all the welds until they look seamless.


I’m not so sure I want to have my stainless weld-porn to be erased. Though it would be nice to impress.

I am, however, going to try and get the welding gig when we build the door guards out of 4in and 6in diameter schedule 40 stainless.

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