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That’ll go over well

If they’re worried about “racist” Germans not wanting them in their country, then they’re taking the wrong route to acceptance. Germany needs to ban alcohol if it wants to prevent further sexual violence and to help North African migrants integrate … Continue reading

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And we’re back!

That is what happens when you get your new plastic money card with a new number and expiration date and forget that your old one is used to pay for your domain name and don’t tell the registration folks. At … Continue reading

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They seem to think they’re winning

Two anti-civil rights bills were introduced into the Washington State Legislature. HB 2374 would place a statewide $0.05 tax on each cartridge of ammunition. HB 2354 would label and ban nearly all semi-auto firearms as “assault weapons”. If you’re a … Continue reading

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A Quick and Easy Solution

The leftosphere got a scary report from their media partners today. Public sector unions just had a simply terrible day in the Supreme Court on Monday. Justice Antonin Scalia, the justice who seemed most inclined to agree with them prior … Continue reading

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You know

There are people who will spend all day at this machine Would you like something like this at your local gun shop? Tactical Graphics Inc. in Melbourne, Florida recently installed a new claw machine filled with AR accessories and ammo. From … Continue reading

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If you’re looking for honesty

Las Vegas is where you need to go, apparently. The Powerball craze is in full effect. With the jackpot over half a billion dollars, Fox 5 Las Vegas reporter Ophelia Young covered the recent frenzy for Powerball tickets and spoke … Continue reading

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The Truth Will Out

Seeing as how government is a hive of ineptitude and failure, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that they actually had to study this to find the truth. The Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment The minimum wage has gained … Continue reading

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Never Enough

You’d think that passing a slew of over-reaching executive orders would be enough for Captain Demagogue during the first week of his last year in office. It’s not Obama to Participate in Townhall on Guns President Barack Obama will sit … Continue reading

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And 2016 starts out weird

Some Facebook group is occupying a remote federal property in BFE Oregon, and the leftists hate it because of a couple of the known participants. A group of gunmen seized control of an empty federal building in remote Burns, Oregon, … Continue reading

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