How Draining

We’re still working on the bumper rails for the Starbucks warehouse, and in fact will be working on them up through the first week or so of May, but last week the architect sent over another couple sets of plans for immediate build.

Things like this embed frame for a floor drain grate.


It’s upside down, of course. The studs welded into the angles will help hold the assembly in the concrete. All stainless steel. I’m not sure why the material choice, so I thought it was weird enough to post about.

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3 Responses to How Draining

  1. Merle says:

    Stainless will take a LOT longer to dissolve from that swill Starbucks serves! 🙂


  2. Chris says:

    would you have done Aluminum?

  3. Phil says:

    No. I wouldn’t trust it to get run over by forklifts for 20 years. I’m just wondering why stainless.

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