We’ll see how much they like it

When it gets applied to their SWATting friends.

You’ll likely remember the case of John Crawford, the guy who was waving around a toy rifle at a Walmart and had a private individual call 911 saying this much, and when the police showed up, didn’t drop the item in question and was subsequently shot dead by the responding officers.

You may also remember that the local D.A. could get the officers indicted.

So the D.A. has gone after the guy who called 911

Fairborn Municipal Court Judge Beth Root ruled that probable cause exists to prosecute the 911 caller in the John Crawford III police-involved fatal shooting after reviewing affidavits submitted by Greene County residents.

Root found probable cause that Ronald T. Ritchie, the lone person to call 911 from Beavercreek’s Walmart before shots were fired Aug. 5, 2014, could be prosecuted for making false alarms, a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by maximums of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

There is uncertainty as to what legal steps may happen next, but Root wrote that the case should be referred to a prosecutor.

Now, I saw this story at the hyper-leftist Crooks & Liars site, where the author ended her post by saying “If nothing else, perhaps people will stop and think before they call 911 with false reports of people menacing with guns.”

Except that her bigoted cohorts who have a hatred for open-carrying citizens and like to call the police on people in the frozen foods aisle who are exercising their civil rights. I wonder if they’ll appreciate her support for this when they get billed for using 911 as a weapon?

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  1. formerly dfwmtx says:

    Kinda like how the guy behind the petition to allow carry of guns at the GOP convention is an anti-gun democrat.


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