Polymer Casings

I’ve seen blackpowder guys do similar things with the old 310 tool on the firing line, but this is pretty slick for smokeless through a 9mm. Did not know about this polymer casing business. Check out the video.

In other news, I have got to figure out how to embed videos here from my phone.

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  1. Defens says:

    That does look pretty cool, although I do have some questions that I assume they’ve already addressed. First, major, question is this: If you can seat the bullet with simple hand pressure, what’s to prevent the bullets in the mag from slowly walking out of the casing when the gun fires. A poor crimp job on a heavy caliber revolver cartridge can move the bullets far enough to lock up the chamber.

  2. Sulaco says:

    This stuff looks like a blatant re-working of polymer casings done by “Amtech” composite case ammo, had plastic bodies and alum bases, reloaded with hand tools. As well as the all plastic (again alum bases) of “USMC” (Tacoma WA) which fired basic shapes of wadcutter ammo in .38spl and again could be reloaded with hand tools like a redone crimping die sold for seating the bullets in the case and hand repriming. In another world (1969) my dad brought several boxes of the plastic rounds home from a poly manufacturing conference which they were handing out for free to all attendees! In the end two problems caused the companies to fold, lack of startup funds and although you could reload the rounds on the tail gate of your truck what was being offered was very limited in power because of the plastic bodies of the rounds and the size of the bullets that had to be used to reload. Also over time the plastic bodies became brittle and shattered when fired. I have several boxes/tools and literature left from that time that are I think too dangerous to fire, but they are an interesting development in ammo. I wish the company well but I wait to see if they have overcome the tech and financial problems of their forbearers…

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