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I haven’t bought a new firearm in a while. Like since before I got laid off in August 2013.

Add to this that I’ve been looking for a compact/subcompact 9mm pistol to supplement the carry arsenal.

For the longest time I wanted a Springfield EMP, but I’m still hearing about QC issues and continuing “jammomatic” status with them, so I kept putting it off.

After accidentally bumping into some comparisons on the intarwebz, looking up some reviews, and going into the local large chain retailer for a grope, I decided on which small nine is my “new hotness”.

Christmas is coming up, and my birthday shortly thereafter. I’ve been a very good boy and know a place with a decent layaway program in my area.

So, sometime after the first of the year I’ll be putting some cash down o a Sig P320 Compact.

For reasons I still cannot bring to the surface, I really like the idea of the serial numbered part being the trigger group, that is interchangeable between grip shells. If I could buy just the trigger group, I’d probably buy two and just have the rest of the parts delivered to my hizzie.

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3 Responses to Found It

  1. Defens says:

    I think theP320 is a great choice as well, and hope to get one through the NRA Instructors discount program with SIG. I’d be inclined to buy the compact version, comboed up with a full sized grip frame and standard slide and barrel.

  2. Sulao says:

    I had the same issues and several years ago settled on the Kahr P9 and have never looked back. Spooky accurate, (used it to qual for my retired carry card), 100% function, about the size of a PPKs, approved for +P and will take the larger capacity mags like a Glock. I even lent my P9 to my depts., SWAT team so they could evaluate it and approve it for off duty carry. They failed to break it in two weeks of testing. The newer CW9 which costs about 200 buck less then the P9 is just as good, retired friend just got one for CCW and loves it. Check it out.

  3. NotClauswitz says:

    I like Sigs and like my P245. I don’t have anything in the Eurocaliber and have never even shot a 9mm-anything, but the M&P Shield looks promising to me – however given a choice between the two I would probably go for a Sig.

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