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An Interesting development

CDR Salamander has spotted something curious As others have observed, there is a good chance that real civil unrest against the invasion of military aged men from Syria will break out in the open in Germany first. With the toxic … Continue reading

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It is not unthinkable

Though, with Hollande and Merkel in charge, not very likely France could commit the foreign legion to Syria and could invoke NATO Article 5 requiring joint NATO action Mr. Reuel Marc Gerecht, a former case officer in the Central Intelligence … Continue reading

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This is a Test

Of Western intestinal fortitude. I notice that the American left is not talking about their favorite Chief Executive’s chickens coming home to roost. That is not a good sign. On a better note, even reliably leftist newspaper editors in the … Continue reading

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On a personal note

There is a relatively new channel that popped up in my cable box called Ovation and a couple months ago they started showing three episodes of Boston Legal every Monday evening. So I started recording them onto the DVR to … Continue reading

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So Full of Hate

They are willing to believe anything. I only watched part of Tuesday night’s debate among the “R” candidates (the wife can’t stand the damn things), but caught this on one of the leftist sites yesterday: Why Marco Rubio Owes Philisophers … Continue reading

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You knew someone was going to do it

Apparently, this took place during a break at a fencing competition

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My neighborhood is a violent place

And now the taxpayers are responsible! Or so says a group of lawyers representing students and faculty of the Compton School District An unprecedented, class action lawsuit brought against one Southern California school district and its top officials could have … Continue reading

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I’ve Heard

Of the concept of “self-hating” and “self-loathing”, but this guy takes it way too far. It’s time to do away with the concept of “manhood” altogether Men are pretty terrible people. They commit significantly more violent crimes, robberies and assaults … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Week

In case you missed it over at the AoSHQ earlier this week The enemy of the Jew becomes the enemy of the world. That simple, albeit mysterious, historical rule has been repeatedly demonstrated. Regimes and ideologies that target Jews never … Continue reading

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Four Regular Dudes

With earned extraordinary skill-sets. You may remember them from this one a few years back. Their latest EP album is coming out soon. I’ll post links.

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