My neighborhood is a violent place

And now the taxpayers are responsible!

Or so says a group of lawyers representing students and faculty of the Compton School District

An unprecedented, class action lawsuit brought against one Southern California school district and its top officials could have a big impact on schools across the country.

On Thursday in Los Angeles, a U.S. District Court judge will preside over the first hearing in the suit against the Compton Unified School District. To understand the complaint, you need to understand Compton.

The city, located just south of LA, has long had a violent reputation. Last year, its murder rate was more than five times the national average. Now, a handful of students say they’ve been traumatized by life in Compton and that the schools there have failed to give them the help they deserve.

I saw this story on one of the Sunday MSNBC shows. The host, miss “the phrase hard work is insulting to slaves” Melissa Harris Perry, suggested the district turn around and sue the feds because the district is already too broke to deal with student with actual disabilities.

It California, so who knows how far this one will go.

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  1. Defens says:

    “California” is a trigger word for me, eliciting unwanted feelings of revulsion, oppression, and fear. Who can I sue?

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