Hulked Out

So, I think I’ve finally figured out why I’ve been absent of late. It took Kevin Baker’s “Last Uberpost” for me to figure it out.

But first, a little side step:

Near the end of the Avenger’s movie, Bruce Banner quickly explains how he found he could control his alter-ego. Basically, he stays angry all the time so that when the anger arrives he has some control over the change.

Alternately, I get pissed off every day, and therefore can’t get pissed off enough to write anything.

I’m regularly in a constant state of irk, so much so that when I see a headline like “Federal Judge lowers the boom on Department of Justice after ‘Bad Faith’ misrepresentations” on my lunch at work, I’ll save it on my tablet, but by the time I get home, I’ve seen a different headline of “State Department misleads Congress on Extent of Anti-Israel bias at United Nations” and now I’m doubly pissed off. Then, when I’m looking these two headlines up, I’ll find one where Candidate Sanders says something completely nonsensical in the economic spectrum (this is a daily happening), and that’s it.

I’m done for the day. I’m seeing the RCOB and my brain just wants to type curses. And I’m pretty sure you don’t need that. Partly because I believe most of you are already seeing the RCOB yourselves and I don’t want to be the one that helps push you over the edge, and partly because I don’t like spreading bad news.

Sorry, y’all. But I’m contemplating turning off the lights here. The optimist in me says to keep them on. But, damn he is being beaten over the head daily. Like Kevin, I may just start posting cat memes. And music.

Stay tuned for a bit. I’m trying to arm the optimist with at least a bat or something.

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7 Responses to Hulked Out

  1. Merle says:

    I sure hope you DON’T turn off the lights!!!


  2. tkdkerry says:

    We’d miss you for sure. And you’re right, we do see the RCOB ourselves, and it hangs in front of everything worldwide, national, and local, that we observe. We just aren’t the ones who have blogs that people enjoy.

  3. Inbred Redneck says:

    I almost never comment here but try to drop in 2-3 time a week. Hope you don’t get too burnt out, but I understand just how frustrating it can be to see the same $#!t that’s been happenin’ for the past seven yours, and thinkin’ that we will get the same thing for another four years, no matter which fool is elected.
    Which ever way you jump, thanks for all the years of entertainment and elucidation.

    Rob J

  4. Pete says:

    Take a break…. but don’t quit! I’ve come to enjoy your insight into things, even if all I do is lurk here. I’ve followed you since well before your career change to welding and have never regretted bookmarking this site.

    Yes, crap these days is depressing. Yes, the political filth of our time can upset anyone. However, I hope you get at least enough enjoyment out of blogging to make it worthwhile. Why not spend time time and cycles on non political topics? I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt your readership to see more welding posts or other things that you actually enjoy.

  5. rusty muskets says:

    The other day I was reading that to keep a more healthy outlook on life DON’T WATCH THE MAINSTREAM NEWS. I have begun to follow that and am finding that I sleep better and generally feel better. My dog and I are enrolled in a course for her to be a therapy dog and I will be her handler. I really do get along with my dog. we talk a lot= ok I talk she listens. She always agrees with me regardless of the topic as long as a treat is involved. Anyway I have come to this conclusion, if a politician speaks they lie- their mouth is open so there is no further discussion- they lie- red or blue elephant of jack ass, sorry donkey, they lie vote the low life out. But on a more important vein did your grandson catch a fish? Did the birds get to your blueberries? Most importantly did you see the stars tonite and will you see the sun tomorrow morning? Keep up the fight, “be sure you are right, then go ahead” D. Crockett

  6. Steve says:

    If you’ve reached this point, best to stop and ask yourself what you’re getting out of posting. I’ve gotten a lot of useful info from posts (info and links to other useful sites) but if this isn’t a net positive in your life, move on. You’ve lasted hundreds of years in blog years compared to lots of others.

    Just give us some notice so I can copy some useful things (Frank J’s posts on how to set up IR and NV were good real-life info, and suddenly gone on his old blog, and AmMerc had some good info too until poof).

    Enjoy your overcast weekend!

  7. Toastrider says:

    Rusty Muskets has it right. Watching the MSM news for the most part is like punching your brain repeatedly.

    Do something else. ANYTHING else. Clean guns. Play video games. Walk the dog. Watch a (classic) movie. Drink alcohol. Anything!

    It might be time to post about some different things. Ace of Spades has gardening posts, book posts, pet posts, etc. Hasn’t seemed to hurt the place.

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