Ray Carter

I didn’t know Ray well. Heck, I’d only met him a handful of times. But he was a good guy.

I first met him during the fight to keep the city government of Seattle from banning concealed carry on city property. A group of folks he’d organized would meet once a month a get updates on how things were going.

When I’d joined the BookFace, he was on there, fighting the good fight. Both politically, and health wise. Last Wednesday, he posted that his doctors had prognosed his early stage liver failure and had given him 2-3 weeks and he’d asked that anyone who wanted to say goodbye, stop by or message him soon.

In the afternoon that same day, he sent out the simple message of “Nap Time”, and then nothing until yesterday, when we all got the notice that he’d passed.

So long, Ray. I didn’t know you well, and that is my fault.

There is a service this weekend for anyone who’d like to attend. I can give you the info if you’d like to email me. I am in the process of rearranging some things so that I can go.

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3 Responses to Ray Carter

  1. LibertyNews says:

    Ray will certainly be missed, I only met him once, but was a big fan of his blog and his activism. Please give his family my condolences.

  2. Merle says:

    It’s sad when we loose good people.

  3. Drang says:

    Emailed you, did it go in the spam filter?

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