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The Good News

In the continuing saga of the table the brown shipping company destroyed, this week, after taking care of some business, I completed the rebuilding of said table. Since Daniel has been Customer of the Year, when he asked if he … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/29/14

This story And this post Can both be explained by this

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A sign of the coming of the apocalypse

The sequel that never was. Ridley Scott On The ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Script: ‘It’s Written And It’s Damn Good’ To which I reply: Good. Finally. And it damn well better be.

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Oh Noes!!11!

There might be a teacher in Texas who is certified to carry a firearm on school property! Texas school arms staff and warns visitors they will use force to protect students No surprise, the article is from where Great Britain … Continue reading

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