Let me see if I have this correct…..

Israel is blockading Gaza from the Mediterranian. Egypt is helping.

The Turkish government is supporting a “Freedom Floatilla” to try and break that blockade (btw, an inspection of the cargo revealed some “questionable” items).

Everyone remembers how it went for the Israeli commandos the last time they tried to stop the floatilla, right?

According to the number of ships both parties in the blockade have assembled, there is approximately a 50% chance that the Turk flotilla will run into the Egyptians.

The Turks like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. They don’t like what the current Egyptian government is doing to the Muslim Brotherhood or Hamas.

If the flotilla DOES make contact with the Egyptians first, and things go as poorly or worse than they did in 2010, the Turks will have very little-to-no reason to not “retaliate” by sending airborne munitions in Egypt’s direction.

Egypt, not one to back down these days, might just send airborne munitions back at Turkey.

Now, since Turkey is a NATO member, who will the U.S. have to back in that fight?

The “Man Without A Spine” currently holding down the Chief Executive office chair might actually be useful for something he is good at: Being spineless towards his allies.

No, there weren’t any Archduke’s aboard MH17. But our love of tying ourselves up in various treaties could still light that Roman Candle.

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  1. Titan Mk6B says:

    An interesting if not probable scenario. Although the fecal touch of our idiot in chief would probably still come into play, somehow, some way.

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