Alien Gear IWB Review

A couple months ago I was contacted by Tyler from Alien Gear Holsters about test driving one of their latest CloakTuck IWB holster. I already had an IWB holster from CrossBreed I was happy with, so I clicked out of the email and went on about my day.

The following week, Tyler emailed me back asking if I had seen his previous email. I didn’t want to be rude and all “get outta here kid, ya bother me”, so I hit the link in the email to their site and checked out their product before responding back.

I am quite happy I made that decision. I responded back to Tyler and got my holster in the mail within a week. I have been wearing the holster for nearly two months now and I’d like to tell you about it.


The holster back is a neoprene composite which is nicer to wear than leather. It is both wider and taller than my other IWB holster. It also wicks moisture and doesn’t stain my shorts a light shade of brown on the carry side. The shell is also wider and longer than any other IWB shell I have seen, which seems to help get rid of ANY printing through the clothing below the belt line.

But the best part is that the shells are interchangeable!

When Tyler asked me which two pistols I’d like to get shells for, I had to think about it. As of late, I’ve only really been carrying one pistol: My S&W 19-6 with the 2.5in barrel. Yes, in the 21st Century, I’m packing a pistol fresh out of 1980. But what the hell, I’m hitting really well with it. Sadly, no one makes an IWB for that. Including Alien Gear (to their credit, they do make one for the 2in 8-shot K-frame).

Seeing as how I already had an IWB for my 1911, I first decided to stay old school and ask for one of my Browning HiPower, and to both make an attempt to join the modern era and really test the whole “concealability” thang, I got one for my 3rd Gen G21.

I wore the HiPower for the first three weeks, and the G21 for the last three weeks. Everywhere. I’ve done a good deal of welding while wearing the holster and I’ve gone out to dinner at places that have a dress code while wearing the holster. I’ve even taken final exams while wearing the holster.

No one noticed a thing.

While I was wearing a G21.

There have been no issues with the holster itself. The retention is great. If the retention ever gets “less than great”, you can swap out the little rubber spacers for shorter ones or just simply trim the spacers between between the shell and the holster back.

For the naysayers who think that holsters should only be made of leather, you really should try one out.

And that is the other best thing about these holsters: You can try one out because they’re $35. For less than $50, you can get one back and two shells. For less than what I paid for my other IWB holster, you can get an IWB back, two shells AND and a more range friendly OWB back.

Changing the shells took me less than five minutes on my first try.

The same thing goes for the belt clips. They come in both J-type or C-type (you can also get regular loops if you want). There are three positions on each end of the holster so you can have any cant you prefer. Again, they adjust as fast as you can turn an allen wrench.

I really wasn’t sure I’d like this holster. Part of me honestly thought I wear it for a while and it’d fall apart or the retention would crap out after a couple days of me sweating all over it in 90 degree weather. But it didn’t. I’d almost like to say something negative about the holster so that this post doesn’t seem like some sort of pixel bath all over Alien Gear, but I really can’t think of anything.

If you’ve wanted a good IWB holster but have to live on a budget, this is your game, pal. If you’re not sure carrying IWB is something you’d like to try and have hesitated to try it because you didn’t want to lay out $70+, this is where you should start.

And if you like to carry IWB and are swimming in cash so you don’t have to worry about laying out the long green for a holster for each sidearm you carry, this is still a product you should get next time you order an IWB holster.

Five stars man. No shit.

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3 Responses to Alien Gear IWB Review

  1. JPD says:

    Good review. I also ordered an Alien Gear. I have been pleased with the holster. However, in one regard, my experience differed. Shipping time. 53 days for holster to arrive. Yep, 7 1/2 weeks. I emailed for a status on the order after one month. Received a robot response that the holster was in production, and would ship within 30 days! Well, it did, barely.

  2. Gerry N. says:

    I’m 70 yrs old, and overweight just a wee bit being 5’10 1/2″ tall, 254 lbs, and having no discernable waist .

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and have come to trust your judgement. So I’mna ask for some advice. I live in Mt. Lk. Terrace WA and I’d like to find a range where I could shoot my Star B pistol and get some good coaching and advice on both shooting and concealed carry.

    Gerry N.

  3. Phil says:

    Check yer email, Gerry.

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