BAR-Magazine-Fed Garand

I’ve always been loath to convert my Garands to .308, but the temptation of, say, sending ’em to Shuff’s for a Mini-G conversion that takes M-14 magazines has always been in the back of my mind.

No more. Mini-Gs are expensive. This is free:

20 rounds of .30-06 firepower; I like it.

UPDATE: Found another one:

Yeah, yeah, collector value, blah blah. Look, I have a Garand in original condition, and another one somebody turned into a “Tanker.” I’m currently jonesing over a beater Garand at the local gunshop that somebody stuck into a black plastic stock, and if I do this mod it’ll be to that one or one like it.

As Kenneth Branagh’s Victor Frankenstein said about bodies, “they’re just raw materials.”

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2 Responses to BAR-Magazine-Fed Garand

  1. Rivrdog says:

    …or, you could spend the bucks on a Springfield M1A, still have a JC Garand design, and have plenty of ammo availability to go with your 20-round magazines. Or not…are they legal in Kali?

  2. Davidwhitewolf says:

    M1As are indeed Kali-legal; I own a SOCOM II myself and am thinking about one for the wife. And yes, I’d rather get a new M1A .308 rifle than spend that much to butcher a Garand.

    What’s enticing about the above mods is I can end up with a mag-fed Garand for $0 other than the cost of the rifle.

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