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How NOT to teach a CCW Class

Some of you may recall “Bo” Gritz, the fellow who managed to end the Ruby Ridge standoff because Randy Weaver was so (justifiably) paranoid by then that he wouldn’t listen to anybody else. (“Bo” Gritz haunted the greater Orofino area … Continue reading

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Soundboard: Yolanda Be Cool Like A G6 Edition

This one’s catchy. Crank it! The video’s amusing, as well. Think Chaplin in color! And the following’s an earworm of which I cannot rid myself, so I pass it on to you.

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The problem with secrets

Is that they are a double edged sword, protecting the innocent, or further enabling their oppression by state agents. Even if you think pain advocates are just drug pushers with degrees, that doesn’t excuse the actions of this US Attorney.

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In a situation like this

It’s important to remember to ask the right question, i.e. “Was she hot?” I mean, if you are going to utterly shit-can your career for a piece of tail, make it worth it.  And don’t tell me you thought you … Continue reading

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