It’s just a tactic

Last week, you may have read Thirdpower’s post on the Yahoo article claiming that the NRA is illegally splitting donations amongst their various legislative organizations.

I read about the hit piece the day before when it spread like wildfire among the various progressive websites I visit. If I wasn’t putting in 55 hours a week at the new job right now, you’d have read this post the same day as his.

What you have here is no serious allegation. Just as you know these allegations are bullshit, so does Alan Berlow, the author of the hit piece. And so does anyone who understands that you cannot track your monetary donation once you have given them to an organization.

What Berlow describes in his claims is that he, effectively, attached an RFID tracking chip to every penny he donated to the NRA and watched as those pennies were split up amongst the NRA’s various orgs.

Of course, that is impossible, which is how you can tell he is lying.

But that is not the point of his allegations. Because the people who want to believe that this would actually be possible don’t care if he is lying. The people who support Berlow need the hatred of the NRA to be kept nice and toasty warm, lest these true believing progressives slip into apathy towards the NRA, or, heaven forbid, listen to an argument against gun control with their minds and not their hearts.

The NYT lie that the NRA banned all loaded and functional firearms at their convention was corrected so quickly and precisely that it made the hoplophobic bigots look stoopid (yes, with two O’s). This was shown to be a lie, which had the possibility to expose more leftist/progressive lies about the NRA, so they needed a bigger lie that made the NRA look so powerful, they could flaunt election finance laws without worry of reprocussion.

“How powerful is the NRA? So powerful they don’t even worry about the FEC coming down on them.”

This will be the new eevviil. To, of course, be tacked onto the old eevviill that the NRA makes money off of dead children.

It’s recognizable when you read how the leftosphere builds hate against both individuals and groups. They try to pile it on faster than it can be debunked. And when they can’t, they make one up so big, with an explanation that needs to be laid out in paragraphs instead of sentences, that will be swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the kool-aid drinkers that you’ll never get it out.

Even if one of the true believers walks into NRA headquarters with a gun and kills someone or multiple someones. Which is the unspoken goal.

This is how they believe the nation “Will finally have a serious talk about guns.”

Hit the comments sections of any leftist/progressive article about the NRA. Once you get past the ignorance of firearms and the Markley’s law types, you’ll find exactly what they want to happen.

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  1. Rolf says:

    As Vox might say, “Of course, they are lying, they are progressives and SJW. They ALWAYS lie. It’s what they do.” Yup, pretty much.

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