Reptilian Rhapsody

Pair o' Pythons

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    If you do your work in the reloading manuals, there’s no need to have one of those monster hoglegs like the upper Python. The 4″ will do just fine with .357 magnum, if you load with the faster, higher-pressure powders that it can take, such as HS-6 or even the older Unique, or W-231. Proper target sights should give you all the accuracy you need with almost 6″ of sight radius on a 4″.

    With the 7″ or 8.75″ hoglegs, you load with 2400 or some other ancient, first-generation slow powder. The extra 4″ or so of sight radius doesn’t make up for the extra cumbersome mass of that revolver, IMNSHO.

    I have the Ultimate Reptile, the Colt Anaconda, but in 4″ 44 Remington Magnum. It has fine, adjustable sights on it, and I can stay within minute of deer at 100 yards with two hands and some sort of rest (Creedmore, between the legs style, for example).

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