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Laugh of the Day

Ode to Rooster Sauce Napalming the Jungle (LOL!)

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If It Bleeds, It Leads

And maybe that is part of the problem.

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I’ll Show You Mine, Part 1

While I’m trying to decide whether or not to volunteer to be considered for that prepper TV pilot (upside is they appear to be a professional crew with lots of successful series under their belts; downside is that one of … Continue reading

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Versatile SHTF Clothing Item

A hooded sweatshirt has many uses. It keeps you warm. It breaks up the outline of protective vests and web gear. It can be easily layered. A pair are even better — combine a medium-weight and a thin lightweight, preferably … Continue reading

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Faster BioFuels

A quick & easy way to produce biofuels, including a gasoline replacement.  Neat.

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Outrageous Use of SWAT

…from 1973. Admittedly, that was LAPD, which was SWAT-crazy back then anyway (LAPD invented it, after all). But it sure feels like that ridiculous attitude has spread like a virus to every police department in the country.

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