Versatile SHTF Clothing Item

A hooded sweatshirt has many uses.

It keeps you warm.

It breaks up the outline of protective vests and web gear.

It can be easily layered. A pair are even better — combine a medium-weight and a thin lightweight, preferably in a different color and/or pattern, and you’ve got versatility in weather endurance. Oh, and they have other uses as well.

Truly a good thing to toss in the kit.


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  1. Lergnom says:

    Hoodies are a good thing to have in one’s wardrobe. Since we keep the thermostat down during the winter, I wear one at home. Some years back, I got a fleece hoodie to go under my (also hooded) Gore-tex windbreaker. The fleece is warm, light in weight and doesn’t absorb get waterlogged. Most winters, it’s enough protection from the elements, not bulky or heavy, and didn’t cost the earth to buy.
    If I could find a boiled wool hoodie at a reasonable price, I’d buy it and never look back.
    Stay safe

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