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I have, in recent weeks, been endeavoring to develop a boyhood dream: that is, if not Travis Morgan’s physique, at the least I can have his beard. However, upon watching Jeff Bridges’ performance as the Dude for the first time … Continue reading

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Well, You Can Tell Who’s Not By The Name

As I read this, I realized that, if I’d been asked ahead of time to guess which politician, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, or Jon Huntsley, would be singled out for “manly manliness,” … Continue reading

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So there are Atheists in foxholes

Stars & Stripes looks at Atheists in the military. Ed Brayton makes a good point: I do believe that most military chaplains would be more than willing to counsel atheists as they would anyone else and I don’t think most … Continue reading

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An interesting confluence of careers

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