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It’s All Worth It

After a long hard day juggling deadlines, crafting strategies and executing legal maneuvers, not much can beat a smooth cigar, a smoother single-malt (Singleton, baby!) and sharing a fire with loved ones as the yard lamps glow behind, all flickering … Continue reading

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Wolf and Ball

I’ve been working late the past couple of weeks, and the wife sent me this sad photo of Alaska hugging his ball, waiting for me to come home and play…. 🙁 – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Hari Seldon: Food Riots A-Comin’

Hari Seldon is fiction, of course, but it sure seems that if psychohistorians existed, they’d carry the more modren title of “complexity theorist.” Insty linked to an overview article in MIT Technology Review, but I found the actual paper fascinating, … Continue reading

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CalGuns Foundation License-to-Carry Strategy

Most RNS readers are likely not Californians, and so it bears repeating that your humble correspondent lives in California and, like most of the state’s residents, in a county whose Sheriff refuses to issue concealed-carry licenses for self-defense. In a … Continue reading

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Pump It Up

Last week MadRock linked and wrote on the topic of Grade Inflation. If you didn’t hit that link and read, take a few minutes and do so after you’re done here. As I stated in the comments, I have seen … Continue reading

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Book Learning

Now that Summer Quarter is over and things have finally settled down a bit (automotive repairs & vet visits, mostly), I’d like to tell you more about the book I was assigned to use for my Political Science class. I … Continue reading

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