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Islamic Extremist Culture Destruction Proceeds Apace

Under the surface, I suspect the increasing spread of porn is doing the heavy lifting in the ongoing slow march of the West to achieve the goal of destroying radical islam’s culture. (Another of widespread porn’s many benefits, btw). But … Continue reading

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Biutiful Barcelona

When we visited Barcelona a couple years back, I noted the patently obvious government make-work construction jobs, and other signs the Spanish economy was not all it had been cracked up to be. However, the parts of Barcelona we visited … Continue reading

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Pay Attention! There Is No Man Behind The Curtain Anymore!

The Sun Is Setting On Our Rigged Markets. The author may or may not be a contrarian as advertised in the column heading (I’ve never read the guy before), so perhaps it’s usual for him to characterize the markets as … Continue reading

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So who’s the Modern Equivalent?

ModeledBehavior has an intriguing post comparing our current red/blue political polarization to the Byzantine Roman Chariot Racing Clubs, which gained political, military and social influence as the public rallied and politicians allied to Blue or Green. The Blue-Green rivalry often … Continue reading

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In Soviet Russia, Police Burgle YOU!

Oh wait, that happens here now too… –from Soviet humor magazine Krokodil, during Glasnost. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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